About Me

It’s possible to have many lives. There’s not one way or one time or one career. I was a harsh teen, a happy singer, a bitchy waitress, a graceful dancer, a crazy teacher, a bad accountant, a patient producer, an appreciative traveler, a ya writer, and I’m not finished yet... 

My current connection to my world is through books. I'm interested in people because of their varied backgrounds and histories. Books show us there's an entire world full of examples and options for living the kind of life we want: we become the choices we make.

The beauty is that no one thing can stop us from creating our own story. We’re in a constant mode of choosing color, shade, light, and perspective to experience the ebb and flow of our personal drama, our life. I’m pretty happy about it too!


I'm an Art Consultant at Wyland Galleries, one of the most influential marine life artists of the 21st Century with artworks in museums, corporate collections, and private homes. But most important - Wyland’s Foundation is recognized worldwide in bringing our awareness to environmental conservation through his unique marine life paintings, sculptures, and photography.


I started writing because my dance students invited me to write. Like you, they are young adults, critical thinkers, street smart, strong, self-assured teens. Readers who are highly intelligent and painfully emotional, whose losses can sometimes be larger than there vision for the future, but have hope. My readers are smart, funny, joyful, adventurous, and brave. My readers are those who wish to travel and formulate a broader vision of history beyond their academics. My readers hold wonderment and concern for our beautiful earth and current environmental issues.


I'm an international movement artist, dancer, performer, choreographer, educator, and mentor working in film, television, and stage with associates whose work includes Sia’s Chandelier choreographer Ryan Heffington, So You Think You Can Dance producer and choreographer Mandy Moore, Madonna’s Rebel Heart album and Casual TV’s choreographer Megan Lawson to name a few.