About Me

Author Laura Fremont writes young adult contemporary fiction. Her teen books of struggle and triumph reveal intimate stories of characters that confront global issues for change. Her stories are realized from conversing and mentoring thousands of youth throughout the United States and abroad as a former leading dance educator, performer, choreographer and producing artist of the Los Angeles film and television industry. She’s supported the works of notable film and dance celebrities and within her long career, trained over half the industry’s movement talent. In addition, Laura writes original and adapted movement-plays seen onstage and at festival venues. Laura writes fiction fulltime and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI.)

Jax by Laura Fremont

In the struggle between stone & water, water always wins.

Family tragedy and the dark side of celebrity unfolds as 17-year-old Jax travels to Japan to discover identity and self-worth and uncovers her father’s illustrious past. In search of his final poem, she discovers the depth of revenge as she comes face to face with one who is called the Red Dragon and the meaning of love from a letter hidden in the Ivory Box.

Representation More Zap Literary, Jane Hamilton, Michelle Zeitlin